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COVID 19 Return To School Information

Advice to Parents on Re-opening

Covid 19


Please find information and guidance on the re-opening and running of school during the Autumn term with Covid restictions.


Will pupils be able to interact with each other?

Yes, pupils will interact with each-other within their ‘bubbles’. The ‘bubbles’ will consist of pupils from within their own class and during breaktimes with another class in the same area of the school. All classes will have 1 teacher and at least 1 TA.

What actions are being taken to promote social interaction?

Each child will be given their own learning space, with their individual resources. At the forefront of everything we do is each child’s well-being – ensuring they feel happy and safe. Whilst we all adhere to social distancing guidelines for teaching staff, we will be promoting social interaction through introducing new routines which will allow the children to move safely within their bubble. Areas will be carefully set up both inside and outside the classroom to allow opportunities for activities such as painting, small world, construction etc. Social distancing is easier to observe and maintain outside, therefore we will be using the outdoors as much as possible. 

Social distancing - How will this effect pupil’s well-being and what about the psychological impact?

Children will be sensitively supported by staff to understand the importance of social distancing with their teachers and support staff. The new routines and layout of resources will provide a visual representation in assisting children to understand this. 

Can we decide at a later date for our child to come back to school after re-opening’?

The expectation by Welsh Government is that all pupils should return by September 14th 2020.  Any parent or carer who has concerns should contact the school and seek advice and information.

What happens if my child becomes unwell, displaying symptoms?

If your child displays any symptoms eg. a continuous cough/high temperature, we will contact you immediately and we have ensured there is a safe room for your child to rest and wait until you are able to collect them.  Rooms are assigned in both phases . 

Will children be required to wear PPE?

WG guidance is that there will be no requirement for children to wear PPE.


What does the return plan look-like?

Please see attached guidance on Re-opening of schools at the end of this document.

Is it possible to visit the school to see the safety measure in place beforehand? I.e. tape/tables/playground etc.

At present no parent or carer is permitted to enter the school buildings.  Please contact the school with any concerns.

What will pick-up and drop off look like?

The Foundation Phase department will commence at 9.15am and Key Stage 2 will commence at 9.05am.  Please could children arrive at school no earlier than ten minutes prior to the start of their day.(see document below for entrance and exit points).

What cleaning measures will be in place?

All cleaning measures will follow strict guidelines. This will be directed by WG/LA and school staff will adhere to this. In addition to the regular cleaning of the school, the toilet areas and classrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout the day and resources being used will be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes.

Will toys be removed from classrooms?

Provision will be made for resources within each bubble group to be kept to a minimum. These resources will be enhanced in order to cater for individual preferences and set challenges. As previously stated, each child will have individual resources which will reduce the risk of cross-contamination. These will be appropriately sterilised in accordance with guidance after use.  

Children will not be permitted to bring toys to school from home.

What will play-time look-like?

The playgrounds will be partitioned so that pupils may play freely in their bubbles.

Will lunch be provided for pupils?

Lunchtime will run as normal, with restrictions being placed on where pupils will eat due to their bubbles.

Can I send my child with a packed lunch?


Will there be milk & snack time?


Resources to support working families

Will there be a breakfast club?

Breakfast will run as normal from the 7th September from 8.10am to 8.50am, please make sure your child is registered.

Will there be Temperature checks as pupil enters school?

No. Public Health Wales has advised this is not appropriate.

Social distancing and 1:1 support - how will this work?

A member of staff will be dedicated to assist children with additional learning support whilst still adhering social distancing guidelines.




As a school we are fully aware of the constant updates and changes being made at a local and regional level.

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